Wallisertitsch for the Lowlands

Walser German is the dialect spoken by Swiss Germans in the Canton of Wallis. It is one of the highest Alemannic dialect groups and the local language of some 80,000 inhabitants of Upper Wallis.

Many Swiss men and women fluent in other dialects find “Walser German” difficult to understand. It comes as no surprise to learn that, between them, Swiss dialects bring a smile to the lips time and time again. This was highlighted by a St. Gallen University blogger in his entertaining blog on “Swiss German buzz words for Newcomers to Switzerland”: i wie “ischi” – meaning “our” is just one example of Walser German (a dialect spoken in one of the Swiss mountain cantons).

But don’t worry - we Swiss also have problems understanding our Wallis neighbours.




Horu, Hore Matterhorn
Är isch va Brig. He comes from Brig.
Va waa chusch? Where do you come from?
Hescht hite di Zitig gläse? Have you read today's newspaper?
Hoffentli chunscht de zitig! Hopefully you'll be on time!
Schii tient aabusitzu. They are meeting up in the evening.
Schii hockund uf äm Bajchji. They are sitting on the wooden bench.
Schii hät ä Schuppu Goggowärgjini im Gartu. She has a lot of garden gnomes.
Äs geit saaft därüf.

It's easy to climb up.

Nitschi geits saafter.

It's easier downhill.


A few more Wallisertitsch (Walser German) inspirations from the

«Weerterbüäch» “dictionary”


What’s more, the south-facing rooms in the Sunstar Hotel, Zermatt, have panoramic views over the Horu (Matterhorn)...