Charles Kuonen suspension bridge

the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world

Just imagine: at this moment you are standing in the middle of one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. Below you is a drop of 85 metres, and all around you the Weisshorn and the stunning alpine scenery of the Matter valley. Soak up the beauty of nature and the wonderful silence...

Adventure in the mountains

The pedestrian suspension bridge, named after the main sponsor Charles Kuonen, is no less than 494 metres long. It spans the Grabengufer ravine in the Matter valley, at a height of up to 85 metres. Situated up the valley from Randa, it is a "monument to an alpine panorama". The bridge means that the Europaweg long-distance footpath between Grächen and Zermatt - regarded as one of the best panoramic footpaths in Switzerland - can be walked entirely at high-altitude.

And since its transparent construction means you can see down into the depths at all times, a certain tingling of the nerves is also guaranteed. However, despite its delicate appearance, the 65 cm wide bridge is in fact extremely strong.

The facts at a glance:

  • Bridge length: 494 metres
  • Bridge length: 494 metres
  • Highest point: 85 metres
  • Width: 65 centimetres
  • To reach it on foot:
    - From Randa: 2 to 2.5 hours
    - From Grächen: 6-7 hours
    - From Zermatt: 6-7 hours
  • Open from May to November. The bridge should not be crossed in stormy weather.
  • Suitable for all the family.
  • Crossing the bridge is free of charge.

Do you have a good head for heights? Then why not set off for an adventure!